2018 2nd Annual FRRC Convening

August 9 – 11, 2018, Orlando FL

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Upcoming 2018 Events

Florida Rights Restoration will be updating events info. Please check back regularly.

2nd Annual 2018 Convening

At the Convening, FRRC members will experience interactive participation with the Ballot Initiative Expert Panel; hands-on messaging training that will enrich our Public Education Program; and relationship building and collaborative planning with other FRRC partners from your region. Additionally, all Convening participants will leave with tangible resources to help them achieve their volunteer goals, including messaging, phone banking, canvassing and petition collection toolkits.

Town Halls & Workshops

FRRC regularly has town halls, workshops, and more. Check back for updates. UPDATES COMING SOON.

FRRC: Second Chances Workshop – Anquan Boldin

FRRC in the Muck. Reaching out to the communities, to help make democracy more full and making sure that the communities are aware of the services that the FRRC can offer them.

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